Friday, October 18, 2013

From Tweet to Post// #IHateWhenPeople

          Welcome, my wonderful friends, to another episode of From Tweet to Post.  This hashtag made its debut during the summer, but I have just now found the time (and motivation) to finish the post.  With the help of my mom, I have created a list of 10 things that I hate that people do.

1// Take text messages (or text silences) way out of context:  I've had a few relationships die because of the fact I don't enjoy texting.  Personally, I feel like its a crappy form of communication, and I don't understand why so many relationships rely on it so much.  Texting isn't sarcasm-approved...

2// Subtweet:  Seriously though; if you want to tell me something, tell it to my face.

3// Text and Drive:  Maybe it's because I'm a super safe driver or I'm jealous I can't multitask; but I really don't like it when people text and drive.  While driving, you're not only holding your life in your hands, but also the lives of everyone else on the roads.  Just don't do it.

4// Give me the once over:  Yes, I dressed myself this morning.  Yes, I looked in the mirror.  No, I don't care what you think.

5// Have no common sense:  This is pretty self explanatory.  I don't like stupid people.

6// Try to talk to me while I read: I get very into books, and I can guarantee that I will not listen to you if you come around for a heart-to-heart in the middle of a chapter.

7// Only take and never give:  I buy you Starbucks: you buy me Starbucks.  Easy!

8// Act like they're a dancer from Step Up: Dancing, to me, is any kind of body movement that makes you feel free... whether there's music or not.  I hate when people consider my type of dancing any less than "they're" type of dancing.  As long as I'm getting rid of built-up energy, I'm dancing.

9// Say 'Life is Short':  On the contrary, my not-so-friend, it's actually the longest thing you will ever do.

10// Talk to me like I'm a kindergartener:  What astonishes me is that the people who treat me this way are actually fellow college-goers.  Do you think I just come on campus tours every single day?

What are some things you hate that people do?


  1. the ..... thing. the o.O which means a funny look with your eyes. the no blinker deal. a no reply to a text message or whatever. rude people. inconsiderate people. waking me up on weekends before noon LOL I could go on. come visit me at and say hello.

  2. oh my goodness at your last one, that has me cracking up. I can't stand texting either, to me it's a cope out for not wanting to talk to someone.

    Another thing I hate is people checking their caller id before answering the phone. Drives.Me.Nuts. My husband will do this and if he doesn't know the number he'll just let it ring and ring and ring and ring. Just answer the darn thing, if it's a wrong number no biggie! *deep breath*

    1. I hate to say it... but I am one of those people :) Haha, I always screen my calls! I should really work on that :P