Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NMX Fashion

Like promised, I've created a post on what I wore to the three-day New Media Expo.  I knew if I was going to identify myself as a fashion blogger among the people, I needed to dress well while I was there.  In order to represent Lizzy's Luggage in the best way possible, I made sure I looked the part.  During the packing stage, I managed to destroy my room.  It doesn't help that my parents have been using my room as their personal warehouse for miscellaneous boxes since I went back to school.  The room might be big but it does have its limit.

On a good note: I did manage to look well put-together during the conference.  It was a lot of fun to experiment with different looks over the three days; kind of like dress-up!  I did, however, forget to bring my tripod home from school, so enjoy the awkward (but fun) mirror pictures!

For the first day I decided to stick with something not too crazy.  I wore a long-sleeve, black dress, star tights, and short black boots.  I kept my make-up pretty simple with a slight blush and my normal eye routine.

On the 2nd day of the conference I went for an outfit I had thought about for a few months but never dared to actually wear.  I figured if it were a complete disaster I would never see most of these people again so ‘No Harm Done’!  Turns out the outfit actually worked.  It was comfortable and I never worried about my skirt (that I found on Wanelo) being too short because of my opaque leggings underneath.  On my feet, I wore the boots I bought from Forever 21 the night before.  For my make-up I used my new Pro Longwear Foundation and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder that I had purchased the previous night from MAC at Macey’s.  I also added more of a smokey eye than the day before.  You’ll hear more about the boots and make-up in my future haul/review video.

On the third day I wore a blue dress by A. Byer, along with my blazer also from A. Byer.  I wore my polka-dot tights with the only pair of heels I brought.  Since I woke up sick on the final day, I've cut off half of my face because the other eye is red and puffy.  I went really simple for the last day because of my illness, but I have to say it was my favorite look of the conference.

My haul/review video keeps being post-poned due to my sickness.  I'm not for sure if I had the flu, but I can say it wasn't fun at all.  I still sound slightly man-ish from losing my voice.  I felt like I was on my death bed the day I returned from the trip.  Thank the Heavens that I work for my parents, because it was easy to get the day off.  Tell me what you think of the above fashions and whether or not you think I should wear them in the future!  Thanks for reading and while you wait for the next post you should go subscribe and watch my old videos on YouTube in celebration of the future video I will be posting!

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