Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9 Things in 9 Days...

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you'll know that in only nine short days I'll be traveling to the UK to study abroad.  To say I'm excited is an understatement.  To say I'm scared out of my mind is a major understatement.  I mean; I'M GOING TO FREAKING ENGLAND!

1) I've never traveled out of the country. 2) I've never traveled anywhere completely alone. 3) The only person I will know when I get there is my roommate who I've been Facebook messaging the last few days (UPDATE: She doesn't sound like a serial killer.  Actually, she sounds like a really cool person *sigh of relief*).

I imagine that I'll be pretty darn busy once I get there; moving in, meeting new people, getting essentials, settling-in to a new culture, struggling against jet lag.  Turns out the days leading up to my departure are just as busy.  Since I'm nine days out to leaving, here's just nine things I hope to achieve in that time:

1) Celebrate my roommate's big 2-1!!!
It's this gorgeous girl's birthday today!  This weekend we shall celebrate the fact that she has now reached the most important birthday of her life!  Time to have fun (but not too much)!

2) Find black boots
This last Saturday, my mother and I spent the entire day shopping.  I spent WAY too much money, but got a lot of new stuff that I'm excited to wear (I'll share it all in a future haul post).  The only thing I didn't find?  Black boots.  It's not that I couldn't find black boots: it's that I couldn't find black boots I wanted to spend that much money on.  I'm one of those, "If I don't love it, it doesn't deserve a huge chunk of my cash" kind-of-people.  This weekend I'll spend a couple hours looking in Lincoln, but my motivation has gone to zero.  I might need to lower my standards.

3) Get my hair trimmed
First time I ever cut my hair was freshman year! 
It's always important to look your freshest when meeting new people!  Gotta get rid of dem split ends!

4) Plan/Write first three blog posts for while I'm abroad
I'd like to stick with a three-day posting schedule even when I'm abroad, but I'm guessing that the first week is going to be stressful and tiring.  I'd like to have all of those posts at least started so I won't be forced to use too much brain power.  

5) Say bye to my friends/family
As my college has already been in class for a month, I've been bummin' at home while all of my friends have moved back in.  It's definitely weird and I miss being on campus, but I've gotta remember I'm about to have the adventure of a lifetime.  My friends here will still be my friends when I get back.  

6) Finish the three books on my 'To Read' List
Monday's post talked about some recent book purchases I have made.  The problem is, however, that I can't waste suitcase weight by bringing books.  Thankfully, I have a kindle for the three months ahead, but I still have three new books that I need to read before I leave.  I know if I don't, I'll be tempted to rebuy them on my kindle just so I can watch them.

7 & 8) PACK
This deserves two sections because of such a big job it will be.  I have to pack for a THREE MONTH TRIP!  I can barely survive packing for a three day trip.  I don't even want to talk about it right now… It's giving me anxiety.

9) Teach my parents how to use Skype and Whatsapp
THIS is the most important one!  As I won't be able to use data while abroad, I have to depend on wifi in order to stay in contact with everyone here.  Whatsapp and Skype will be essential.  The only bad thing?  My parents aren't quite sure how to work it.  No worries though, as a millennial, I'm trained for this kind of thing!

Thanks for reading!  :)  For those of you interested in the trip I'll be taking, you can follow me on Facebook or Bloglovin' so you don't miss a post!  If anyone has any suggestions on what kind of posts they'd like to see while I'm abroad; let me know on the comments or tweet me!

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