Friday, April 24, 2015

When You Forget to Plan or Write a Post...

I really hope that I'm not the only blogger that has ever forgotten to write a post on one of their scheduled 'posting' days. I've tried to post every Friday for the last few weeks, and I've even tried my hand at writing and scheduling my posts at the beginning of every month!  However, I think I speak for everyone in the blogging community when I say, sometimes you just forget.

No, I did not post last week, but I am this week!  Do you understand the irony now?  Here are my thoughts over the last few days as I realized I didn't have a post nor did I have time to write a post.

Thursday evening at approximately 6 p.m.

"Wait... What's Today?  Is it Thursday?!"
"Okay, don't panic Lizzy. You don't have to post every week.  No post is better than a word vomit post."

"Oh, would you look at that.  I just tweeted that I'm 'very excited' about my new post for tomorrow.  Thanks Buffer.  Could you maybe tell me what that post is about?"
"It's okay... come up with an idea now, sleep on it, and then write it tomorrow morning."

"What if I did a weekend recap?  I could tell the riveting story of how I rolled out of bed at noon and managed to never put a bra on the entire day."

Friday Morning at approximately 6 a.m.:

"Wait... Is that research paper due today? There's no way I can write a post today."
"Keep Calm, Lizzy.  School comes first.  If you get the paper done before lunch, you should still have enough time to write a quick and witty post."

Friday afternoon at approximately 2 p.m.:

"Woo, research paper is done!  Time to cele-... Wait.  There was something else I was supposed to do today."

"There's no way you'll get a post done now. There goes all of your blogger credibility."

Monday afternoon at approximately 10 p.m.

"Remember that mistake you made last week?  Yeah, we need to come up with a way to fix that mess."
"Oh, you could do a funny gif post where you explain how crazy all of your thoughts were after you realized you didn't have a post planned or written."

"You could also launch your new design to make it seem like you were super busy and didn't have time to write a post."
"Psh... There's no way you're the only one to ever do this... right?"

Ever had an incident like this?  No? Must be me.

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